written by

Annie Collum, BSN, RN

Annie Collum, BSN, RN is the RIA Senior Manager, Physician Liaison in Denver, Colorado

November 9, 2021, ,

The White Ribbon Project for Lung Cancer Awareness

Have you heard of the White Ribbon Project?

The White Ribbon Project promotes awareness about lung cancer by changing public perception of the disease. Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer. At Invision Sally Jobe, we want to spread awareness of the risks of lung cancer and how we can come together to help each other. We support those who are bringing awareness.

Read the full story of the White Ribbon Project: https://www.thewhiteribbonproject.org/origin-story.

Ways you Can Participate?

Request a ribbon – Request your own White Ribbon and display it prominently!

Make ribbons – You can make your own ribbon and extras to give to others by simply buying some plywood, tracing an existing ribbon (or downloading and printing a template) onto your plywood, and then cutting it out and painting it. Once the paint is dry, you can attach the sticker and sign the back. We want a widely recognized symbol, so please maintain the “look” of the White Ribbon (photo provided). Together we can provide a unified symbol for ALL lung cancer advocates.

Learn more about the White Ribbon Project and how you can participate here: https://www.thewhiteribbonproject.org/how-you-can-participate.