written by

Taya Kevwitch

Taya Kevwitch is the Project Coordinator, Marketing and Information Technology at RIA and Invision Sally Jobe

October 1, 2019

Team ISJ participates in the 2019 Tour de Cure

You may have heard that Invision Sally Jobe is opening up a new site in Parker on October 16, 2019. We wanted to find a way to participate in the Parker community while supporting a good cause. Since we’re in the healthcare industry, the 2019 Tour de Cure Colorado in September was a perfect fit.

Team Invision Sally Jobe had a total of 15 members for our inaugural year at Tour de Cure. Our team participated in several different routes ranging from the 62 mile bike race, to the 5k run. In addition to our 15 person team, we also had the support of many friends and family members. The race provided us the opportunity to connect with the Parker community, while raising nearly $2,600 for the American Diabetes Association.

Invision Sally Jobe is a full-modality outpatient radiology imaging company, offering everything from x-rays and screening mammograms to MRIs. Radiology imaging (such as MRI, CT, and ultrasound) can be used to test for the manifestations of diabetes in multiple different systems and organs in the body.

Watch the video here!