written by

Taya Kevwitch

Taya Kevwitch is the Project Coordinator, Marketing and Information Technology at RIA and Invision Sally Jobe

July 21, 2020

Take Care of Yourself with Self-Care

Self-care should not make you feel selfish. It’s actually a way to maintain your health. We all need to take care of our bodies and minds in order to maintain optimal well-being. However, each person’s approach to self-care is unique to them.

There are some things that are universally important for keeping us well, such as eating a well-balanced diet. Other things are specific to the individual and deliver different benefits based on lifestyle. For example, some people require less sleep, while others require more.

Here is a list of some self-care ideas to use today:

• Eat a healthy diet.
• Get the sleep your body requires.
• Exercise or engage in some form of physical activity (a daily walk, pulling weeds in the garden or high-intensity interval training).
• Visit the doctor annually.
• Avoid excessive use of tech devices.
• Give yourself a pedicure or a manicure.
• Take a leisurely walk without a goal.
• Take a nap.
• Order in dinner.
• Go to the library or bookstore. Sit in a comfy chair and read.
• Watch funny YouTube videos.
• Sit in the grass and watch the clouds float by.
• Look at the stars.
• Try a new hobby.
• Do yoga.
• Sing at the top of your lungs.
• Go for a drive — no destination required.
• Have a 20-minute stretching session.

We would love to hear what self-care routines work best for you. Remember — wellness is a priority to living your best life.