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May 15, 2019

Guest Blog: The fight against the #1 cancer killer

Occasionally, Invision Sally Jobe likes to share posts from various experts in the healthcare community. This week, we feature a post from Ellen Penrod, Executive Director of the American Lung Association in Colorado.

It’s a fact: lung cancer kills more people than breast, colon and pancreatic combined.

Every five minutes in the U.S., a woman is diagnosed with lung cancer and the disease represents nearly one in four female cancer deaths. In addition, almost 3,000 Coloradans will be diagnosed in 2019 alone.

One of the reasons the disease is so deadly, especially among women, is because only 18 percent of lung cancer cases among women are diagnosed early, when the disease is most curable. Let’s do something about it and join the fight against lung cancer to end the deadly disease once and for all.

May 12-18 is National Women’s Lung Health Week, and I’ll be wearing turquoise – the signature color of the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE initiative – to raise awareness about lung cancer and in support of everyone impacted. I hope you’ll join me and spread the word about this hidden killer.

Visit LUNGFORCE.org to learn how you can help defeat lung cancer.

-Ellen Penrod, Executive Director of the American Lung Association in Colorado