written by

Peter Stratil, MD, MBA

Dr. Peter Stratil is a vascular and interventional radiologist in Denver, CO

July 20, 2021,

Diagnosing Uterine Fibroids

There are several exams your physician may perform or order to detect uterine fibroids. A pelvic ultrasound is a painless exam that shows pictures of the uterus via sound waves. Through this exam, a radiologist can see and measure uterine fibroids. Your physician may also request an MRI or CT scan to detect uterine fibroids. There are several treatments available to decrease or remove uterine fibroids.

Here, from our partners at RIA Endovascular, Pete Stratil, MD, discusses fibroid embolization, a minimally invasive radiology procedure that has proven successful in treating most uterine fibroids. It shrinks fibroids while leaving the uterus unharmed and potentially preserves fertility.

More information on diagnosing uterine fibroids at Invision Sally Jobe: https://stage.invisionsallyjobe.com/conditions/uterine-fibroids/