July 5, 2022Lifestyle, Research

McKinsey Health Institute: Adding years to life and life to years

McKinsey Health Institute Adding years to life and life to years March 29, 2022 | Report By Erica Coe, Martin Dewhurst, Lars Hartenstein, Anna Hextall, and Tom Latkovic (excerpt) Historically, society has defined health in terms of the presence or absence of disease. Someone is deemed to be “in good health” if disease has no […]

June 7, 2022Lifestyle, Research

An action plan to fight unhealthy inflammation: Harvard Health

At Invision Sally Jobe, we want whole health for all our patients. That’s why we are part of your regularly scheduled screening regime. We know that a healthy life includes a healthy plan. An action plan to fight unhealthy inflammation – May 5, 2022 By Robert H. Shmerling, MD, Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing Although […]

April 12, 2022Breast Cancer Awareness, Lifestyle

Improving Women’s Health

Women experience many unique health issues. Healthy People 2030 (health.gov) focuses on addressing these specific needs in order to improve women’s health and safety throughout their lives. Women are at risk for diseases like breast and cervical cancer. Screening for these diseases and health issues that disproportionately affect women is key to identifying problems and […]